Crochet Stitches

Woodland Wildflower Square Cover Image

How to Crochet the Woodland Wildflower Square

Designned by Elizabeth Martin. This pattern began back when my little boy was 3, we went to the village woods for a spring walk. He stumble upon spring wildflowers in the family of daisies and dandelions, and buttercups and celandnes. He said “Yeyo!” (for yellow). I wanted to call this a yeyo square, but ended up with a long woodland wildflower square.

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Mossy Mesh Stitch Cover

How to Crochet the Single Crochet Mesh Stitch

Learn to make the beautiful single crochet mesh stitch. I would also call it a single crochet filet stitch. This stitch is ideal when you plan a plaid/tartan project, a to scape the fuzzy changing colors with too many yarn ends.

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Wattle Stitch Cover

How to Crochet the Wattle Stitch

The wattle stitch is another beautiful stitch texture, fine and solid. Ideal for baby blanket, shawls and scarves, beanies, as well as huggable cardigans. You could do with a dishcloth using your favourite cotton yarn.

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Mixed Cluster Stitch Cover

How to Crochet the Mixed Cluster Stitch

The Mixed Cluster Stitch (MC). Yarn over and insert hook into the first stitch as instructed. Yarn over, and pull up a loop. Yarn over, and pull through 2 loops. Skip next stitch
[Yarn over, insert hook into the next stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop] 2 times all into the same stitch
(6 loops on your hook) Yarn over, and pull through all 6 loops

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Osiris Lace Cover

How to Crochet the Osiris Lace

Original design by your very own Elizabeth Martin. I have named this as the Osiris lace inspired by the Osiride Pillars that can be found in Egypt. The Osiride Pillars are statues with their arms crossed erected inline at the entrance of an ancient temple

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