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Yarn Palette Inspiration

Rusted Terracotta Cover

Rusted Terracotta

Rusted Terracotta is inspired by a village where I was born making pots using clay. After setting it in high temperature, the kiln turns this gray clay into a sunny orange terracotta.

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OriginaL Designs

Woodland Wildflower Square Cover Image

How to Crochet the Woodland Wildflower Square

Designned by Elizabeth Martin. This pattern began back when my little boy was 3, we went to the village woods for a spring walk. He stumble upon spring wildflowers in the family of daisies and dandelions, and buttercups and celandnes. He said “Yeyo!” (for yellow). I wanted to call this a yeyo square, but ended up with a long woodland wildflower square.

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Leonora Granny Square

Learn to Crochet the Leonora Granny Square

I recently designed a granny square and named it after my late grandmother. This granny square has 6 rounds and a floral center. Corners and sides are strengthen with lacy structures of chains and double crochet. This pattern allows you to use variations of colors to come up with a colorful blankets, shawl, and so forth. The pattern will be available soon… and is free to use in your project

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Osiris Lace Cover

How to Crochet the Osiris Lace

Original design by your very own Elizabeth Martin. I have named this as the Osiris lace inspired by the Osiride Pillars that can be found in Egypt. The Osiride Pillars are statues with their arms crossed erected inline at the entrance of an ancient temple

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