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Hi! I’m Elizabeth, owner of the brand Crafting with Beth. Crochet Session is another umbrella to my brand dedicated for crochet topic.

I started crocheting back when I was 10 years old watching my neighbor make table runners, blankets and all sorts of crochet projects. I have taught myself to crochet, frustrations I tell you, it has taken me some time to perfect my tensions, it’s tight here, it’s loose there.

Now, guess what? I got better. Stitches and patterns may be the same, but the quality of work depends upon ones HANDS, tensions, and ones WILL to make handmade projects unique in itself, thus creating a brand. Your work should too, and be proud of it.

It is never too late to learn new skills. Just enjoy making it, and enjoy doing it.

My motto in life “You have to be inspired to create beautiful things!

I’m Elizabeth Martin, crochet designer.


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