Working on connecting multiple color variations of the Floral Granny Square

an image of 2 connected granny squares

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It is such a beauty to be able to crochet the Floral Granny Square in multiple variations of yarn color. If you are interested to get this pattern it is available on my blog free online.

  • Floral Granny Square

I am use to connecting squares as I go along, I think it looks more professional doing so. The top tips I can share with you is that 

  • Take the hook off your current loop, insert hook where you wanted to connect, then grab the loop back to your hook and continue with your next stitch. I find this method more effective and looks seamlessly connected with the other square.
  • You can actually try the other way round so you can see the difference, perhaps in different scenario this method will work just fine. While the loop is on your hook as normal, you insert the hook into the space of the other square, and grab and make your next stitch from there.

but either way, it will work just fine.


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