The Double Crochet Filet Pattern that follows the Rule of 6.

Which Way Up Filet Square Pattern

Have you ever seen a crochet pattern that follows a rule of 6? As I am following this pattern also called “Which Way Up Filet Pattern” , it is kind of confusing where to put the filet stitch is. I have come up with a solution and it turned out that there are 6 rules to follow to achieve this pattern. I promise you wouldn’t need the pattern instructions all the time once it is in your muscle memory.

If you would like the pattern, I have it in my pattern collection. This pattern is called Which Way Up Filet Pattern. And to let you know, this is NOT my original design, just one of the people who enjoy making this pattern.

Which Way Up Filet Pattern Rule of 6

Rule No. 1

  • Each corner space must have 2 double crochet, 2 chains, and another 2 double crochet consecutively.

This rule is a non-negotiable rule. It must be followed, otherwise you won’t have a square in your pattern.

This rule begins at round 1

Rule No. 2

  • Each group of 6 double crochet must have 2 chains in each side.

This rule begins at round 2. Using the corner double crochet stitches, you can work up to 6 double crochet on each side of the square.

Round 2 will dictate how the next round align itself so it can perform the next rules.

Rule No. 3

  • The top of the first 2 double crochet must not have stitches

This rule begins at round 3, where you will use the group of 6 double crochet from previous round as your point of reference.

How are you going to do that? Of course you need to maintain your stitch counts to keep your square square, so the solution here is to compensate with 2 chains

Rule No. 4

  • The first stitch of the next group of 6 double crochet must start on the third stitch of the group of 6 from previous round.

This rule begins at round 3, immediately after Rule no. 3.

By remembering this rule, you can continue on crocheting your next 6 double crochet stitches.

Rule No. 5

  • The last 2 stitches of the group of 6 double crochet always block the gap from previous round.

This rule actually begins at Round 3 but the Rule No. 1 is achieving this on this round. But it will be more visible from Round 4.

Rule No. 6

  • The gaps created throughout the rounds must be directly parallel to the gaps created by the left corner stitches

This rule happened at the very beginning at Round 1 but it becomes more visible from Round 4

And there you have. You will notice that this pattern won’t happen without each rule being followed.


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